Browser often freezes when right-clicking address bar

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Right-click on Address Bar
  2. Observe that Brave instantly freezes. UI becomes unresponsive. App must be killed.

Expected result:
No freezing.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.25.68 Chromium: 91.0.4472.77 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:
This only started happening recently, maybe within the last month. I also use Brave at work (also on Windows) as well as in a Linux VM and have not experienced this in either of those instances. My usage at home is heavier (multiple profiles, more open tabs) so possibly related to my specific usage but I’m not sure how best to provide useful debug or troubleshooting info.

Also, this does not happen 100% of the time, but very close - probably 9 times out of 10.

FWIW this magically stopped happening a week or two ago.

D’oh. It’s back.

Running 1.26.77 now, although I don’t know if the issue aligns exactly with the update to this version. I believe it was working fine for a short while even after the update but not 100% sure.

But, whatever the issue is, this one has come back at the same time: Desktop freezes when right click a bookmark both in bookmark bar and manager - #4 by JimB1

So I do think they are related.

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Sorry for the late reply – sorry to hear the issue has returned. Do you have any extensions installed in the browser at this time?

Hey @Mattches, thanks for responding. I do have a bunch (~4-5) typically enabled in my main profile. But:

  • when it is misbehaving, the issue also occurs in profiles without extensions
  • when it is misbehaving, the issue even occurs in my main profile with all extensions disabled
  • when it is NOT misbehaving, it doesn’t occur in any profile, even with all my usual extensions enabled

So it seems to be something that is not profile-specific. Since it seems to occur for a little while after it starts acting up and is then repeatable/predictable, is there something I can enable to provide additional debug info when I make it freeze? I already have automatic crash log uploading enabled, however I don’t believe it’s writing a crash log (to brave://crashes) – maybe since it’s a ‘freeze’ and I have to use Task Manager to kill it? (Next time it happens I’ll look more closely at that.)

Are you testing this with multiple profiles open at once or when only one profile is open at a time?

It happened in both instances. I normally run with 2-3 profiles open at any given time; but after it froze (and I killed it), I repeated the issue in the single ‘restored’ profile without opening any others.

Can you confirm for me that you’re using a Windows 10 system? Additionally, can you try downloading our Beta browser to test and see if you get the same behavior when using it? Note that the Beta can be installed and run without interfering with any current Brave installation data.

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