Browser is using an insane amount of computer resources

Your browser is using so much memory some webpages that actually demand memory like can’t even load because your browser has maxed everything out.

This has become a bigger and bigger problem with you guys, fix this asap or I uninstall your pile of basura for good.

@middlemann usage would typically be due to open tabs and/or extensions. I’d challenge on what you’re using.

Here’s mine running. Notice how mine isn’t using anywhere near as much CPU as yours? Memory is significantly lower as well.

So question is, what did you add to your browser or how much stuff do you have running at once?

i am not doing anything different since i started using brave some 5 or so years ago. the only extension i have is Metamask and there are only 20 tabs open. I ran up to 100 tabs on multiple windows before on other browsers without issue… just seems like brave slowly and gradually gets slower, more clunky and less cool to use

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