Brave crashes on my iPad immediately opening, deleted Brave and now cannot download again

Hello -

I have an older iPad, running iOS 13.3.3. Brave has been crashing immediately upon opening. Tried restarting, that didn’t help. So I deleted the Brave app and tried to reinstall from the App Store.

Got a notice that I had to update my iOS to 13.0 before Brave could be reinstalled. I’m running 13.3.3 and software is considered up to date (and has been since this issue started). Any chance I can reinstall? Thanks.

weird, looks like Apple thinks your device is under iOS13, maybe try restarting the device?

we still support iOS13+ and latest build was tested on ios13 devices as well

Hi Michal -

I had tried restarting before I wrote you, twice I think, and now I just did it again. Still get the same message, unfortunately. Any other ideas :)?

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