Brave installation hangs at Installing screen - shows halfway

Brave installation hangs at Installing screen - shows halfway
I am using the latest 64 bit installer from your site.
No other process or programs are running.
I am running as Administrator.
I found nothing in he Application or System logs for Windows.

I have even restarted. Started the installation process again and it does the same thing.
I have Windows 10 Home 64 Bit.
32Gig of RAM.
1TB HD for C: drive. 826 GB of free space.
Installing to defaults.
would like to get it installed to see how good it is.

Can you try running the offline installer found on our Github and see if the installation will complete?

Ok. The issue is solved.
When it seemed the installer was stuck half-way, I left it and went to a friends house.
When I came back I found Brave had installed.
So, it must be something it was trying to download that took
an excessive amount of time - in my opinion, more than several minutes and more than one hour.
So, it is installed and working fine, sort of. I do not like the sounds coming from Brave.
If I am recording something, then a Brave system sound might play and wreck the recording.
I am looking for a way to turn it off, but have not found it yet.
I am going to submit another ticket if I can’t find what I am looking for.

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