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  1. while trying to download the installation just keeps failing and i am unable to download the browser is the fact that i have a intel i3 7th gen chip a problem or what are some steps i could take to try and fix this issue?

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I can confirm this is happening. The machine is connected to the internet and will download the installer file.

However when executed, the installer fails saying it cannot connect to the internet.

This happens on Windows 10 32 and 64 bit, and Linux 64 bit.


I sometimes (seems to come and go) get the message I need to update Brave, but when I download to install 64-bit, then click BraveBrowserSetup.exe, I get “Egads, download failing…” My internet connection is just fine.

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@KZE @Void @erbos69 As a first step please check and rule out antivirus, firewall or other security software interference.

All Security Software is off on my end.


It is now working. I’m guessing the Brave Download Server was down for a bit.


Very likely as I’m having trouble manually checking for updates in Brave stable release. I’m still investigating this.

thanks everyone for your help it’s working now seems like the servers was down :wave:


Thanks for the confirmation. I’m closing this thread for now.

Feel free to open a new thread if you have another issue.