Browser Freezing on Garmin / USB usage

Browser freezes after selecting activity files to upload

Steps to Reproduce:
Open Garmin website. Go to activities. Select ‘import’ (because I can’t use the Garmin software to upload files automatically on Linux), Select activity files to import from Garmin (GPS watch).

Actual Result
Result is the browser freezing.

Expected result: No freezing.

Reproduces how often:
The first time I try this it works, but subsequent attempts after going on another run (new activity file) cause the browser to freeze. Only that window freezes, others still keep going, but I have to exit the browser to get past the issue.

Operating System and Brave Version:
Linux Mint 18.3. Brave version 1.8.86 but this issue has been here for some time in earlier versions - I just hadn’t gotten around to reporting it.

Additional Information:
Similar issue here, because it involves using the USB.

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