Brave instantly freezes when attempting to upload, browse for, or download files

I’ve seen other posts similar to this one but none had any answers. I have the most recent version of Brave. Whenever I try to upload or download anything from Brave it just freezes. I can’t click on anything and the only way to fix it is to use task manager to close everything.

It use to happen occasionally but now happens all the time - trying to add attachments to email (I use gmail), downloading anything from any site, uploading images to a website creator, etc. I usually open another firefox window to do what I need to do since Brave is useless for anything to do with files.

The expected result is to be able to add attachments to emails, download, and upload files.

Brave Version 1.24.84 Chromium: 90.0.4430.93 (Official Build) (64-bit)

could you try in private mode while all extension is off

if it work then the issue either with one of your extension or you need to clear your cache/cookies

Hey @ngil,

For something like this, my first two suggestions would be turning off hardware acceleration and all of your extensions. Clearing your cache would probably also be a good idea in this case, like justsomeone1 suggested.

Thank you both! I have tried in private with extensions off and still have the issue. I will also try clearing cache, but since private mode doesn’t help I don’t think that will help. I think I’m just going to use ff for work and use brave for personal which requires less file activity.

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