Browser crash with GPU driver

I have researched other threads on the issues with GPU drivers and driver failures. It appears, many times, that the only solutions are to disable HW acceleration in the browser, get a better driver, or check for Hardware issues.

This time, I found another workaround, disabling “Windows full-screen optimizations” in the Compatibility settings:

I have an AMD Radeon GPU and an integrated GPU that switches on the fly. I never had problems with crashing until V1.22.71. There was a slight delay, though, every time I started the browser. Everything works now when I disable full-screen optimizations, and the delay is gone. I simply don’t know if it is on Brave’s end, or the driver’s end, or hardware, which is highly unlikely since Brave is the only program that had this behavior.

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I found another workaround for AMD switchable graphics systems, so hardware acceleration doesn’t have to be completely turned off. Basically, you can leave the default, so dynamic switching, which may cause problems, or setting power saving or performance.
In my case, Brave appears to run better with “power saving” integrated graphics rather than the Radeon GPU.

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