Brave browser crashes on fresh install - Windows 11 Pro - Solved

I have installed brave on a new custom pc build.
-intel i9
-asus gaming wifi mobo 790
-amd radeon 7900 xtx GPU
-1000watt PSU
-corsair 96gb RAM

all drivers are updated and brave was downloaded from the github, website, and microsoft store. all of them crashed as soon as opened. it ultimately started causing issues for the entire computer system. i don’t have any issues if brave is not installed.

I narrowed down the issue to the installation of the software and drivers for the AMD GPU. It also started crashing my entire system which wasn’t the case initially. After uninstalling the AMD GPU drivers/software the issues still persisted(the gpu was still installed). Next, I shut down the computer, removed the GPU, and the computer was fully functional again.

In summary, no gpu - no issues.

Side note: I tried multiple different versions of brave too. Initially using Brave was the only reason my system crashed. Beta, nightly, nor older releases were a remedy.

–update 2:
I decided to try removing hardware acceleration in Brave and then just installing the drivers alone. No issues this route either.

Windows UEFI is enabled - BIOS
Standard boot - BIOS

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