Browser briefly unresponsive

Description of the issue:
Has been an existing issue ever since I downloaded it around 2 months ago I thought maybe with newer and newer updates it would resolve itself but it hasn’t, the issue is that the browser becomes non-responsive for short periods of time, and every time it happens I haven’t really noticed a pattern, the number of tabs open, the load the computer is under, all of them have been different, so it happens randomly.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. No real clue as stated above, it is from what I can tell happening randomly.

Expected result:

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A screenshot of Brave processes in task manager is welcome, as in image below (4 tabs open in Brave).

Done in the original post. Taken around a min after another brief bout of unresponsiveness with 4 tabs open.

Hi, I too have been getting the same issue on Linux Fedora 36 and it’s annoying as f. Please, can someone fix this??

I downgraded to 103.0.5060.53 (64-bit) and the problem is still there.

Really only two people have had this problem?

For some unknown reason, it is back to normal!! Thks
Edit, same day later: it’s back… :frowning:

@gabriel925486 , @Alpinski

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