Blank pages when launching Brave

Description of the issue:
Sometimes when I launch Brave all the tabs are blank. They have proper page addresses but there is no content in the window. Reloading tabs (F5 or Ctrl+F5) does not fix it. Trying to open a new page (by entering address) opens blank pages too.
This gets fixed only by closing the browser and opening it again.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Launch browser

Expected result:
Pages load properly

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:
Windows 10 Home


Thank you for reaching out to us.
Can you tell me if you are able to reproduce this every time you close/launch the browser?

I know there were a few extensions in the past that caused similar issues — do you have any installed at this time? If so, can you please try disabling them and then testing to see if you still get the same issue when launching the browser?

It’s random and I don’t see a pattern. Sometimes this can even happen after I turn the PC on, so it’s a fresh ‘start’.

I’m not using any plugins at the moment.

Next thing I would try is disabling Hardware Acceleration (Settings --> System --> Hardware Acceleration) and see if this makes any difference. If not, I’d love to get a recording of the behavior if possible so I can get a better idea of what you’re encountering.

Thanks for the idea. I’ll do that and I’ll try to remember to keep OBS running when launching Brave. But I will need some time to ‘run the tests’. I’ll get back with info here though.

I don’t have the recording yet but turning that option off did not help.

I have exactly the same problem. I have no extensions added. I see this problem on three different computers, running Windows 10 and 11, on BOTH Brave and Edge. I suspect it is a serious Chromium bug because it happens on both browsers. It is intermittent and usually closing the browser and restarting it will bring all the tab content back.

Disabling hardware acceleration does not solve the issue. On either Edge or Brave.

I ran into this issue on Chrome, so maybe it is Chromium.
But is Edge using Chromium? IDK but I thought it has its own thing.

Edge has been Chromium based since 2020.

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If it’s happening on both browsers then yes, it likely is an upstream issue. Going to let our team know about it regardless.

Same issue using Brave. Have to load it, close it and then load it to get it working. Win 10 Home and Win 11. Laptops.

Any update on this issue?

@Mattches has your team been notified? Can they confirm this is a known issue with Chromium (upstream)? Is there a Chromium issue link you can point to that I can follow up with? This is an incredibly annoying persistent basic issue.

Update in reply to @Mattches as I have reached the “new user reply limit” in this thread. Thank you - everyone reading this thread, please chime in on that Chromium issue report. They are unable to reproduce this - and yet I see it every morning on two different newly booted system in Brave, Edge and Chrome at different frequencies.

Another non-inline update in response to @dalewvuk I tried opening dev tools this morning when I experienced the issue and it did nothing. In my case it did not automatically cause the page to refresh. I forced a refresh with dev tools open and still a blank page. I still had to close the browser then reopen it to get actual page data.

Yes they do and yes it does appear to be an upstream issue. I believe this is the corresponding bug report in Chromium:

Seeing a very similar problem have found that opening Dev Tools triggers a reload and everything works properly after that. Can close Dev Tools once first page is properly rendered and all good until browser is closed and reopened.

when i resize and minimize it fixes for me

This problem happens to me daily, on two separate PCs, I have the option ‘continue where you left off’ on start up turned on, this means almost always after opening Brave the old tabs are just blank, and I lost all my work flow from the previous day, it’s making Brave so difficult to use, been having this problem for the last 4 months.