Broken Site with android

Site Below &&
Are Broken.Even if shield is on there is redirect going on.

Do you have your Shields set to Aggressive? if not, go to SettingsBrave Shields & privacyBlock trackers & ads and set it to Aggressive there.

Thank you for help.I have known aggresive shielding but thought that it might crash the site resulting to notshowing media player.

Well, you have to set it to Aggressive, if not some rules will not work resulting in redirections and some websites will even say that you are using an incompatible Browser in some pages.

Aggressive will block/apply rules to first party and third party, while Standard will only do it on third party.

The best experience and the normal adblocking is done with Aggressive, that’s what other adblockers do 1p and 3p, Brave by default only does 3p, which is not the normal behavior but they have a reason why they chose that.

The only thing that might break websites is only fingerprinting on Strict, because it blocks too many things that might be necessary for websites to function, like WebGL will not work.

But Adblocking, Aggressive is the way to go, no crashes or anything here, and everything works alright.

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