Add option Enable/Disable extension from the Puzzle Button (≡)

Feature Enhancement Request: Adding Enable/Disable Option for Extensions in the Puzzle Menu (≡)

Reason for Strong Consideration:
The current puzzle icon menu provides a list of installed extensions but lacks the crucial ability to enable or disable extensions directly. This enhancement suggestion aims to introduce this functionality, allowing users to efficiently manage their extensions’ impact on system performance.

Extensions can be resource-intensive and affect overall system memory. With this enhancement, users can easily toggle extension status based on their needs, directly from the puzzle menu. For instance, my 4 GB RAM system experiences a spike in usage from 60-70% to around 80% upon launching Brave browser due to active extensions.

The proposed feature would particularly benefit extensions like the Internet Download Manager (IDM), which consumes substantial memory. Currently, disabling such extensions requires navigating to brave://extensions, a time-consuming process, exacerbated by multiple extensions.

By incorporating the option to enable/disable extensions within the puzzle extension menu(beside (≡)) , users can seamlessly manage their extensions and optimize system performance. This enhancement stands to significantly improve user experience.