Brawe rewards got reset

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Please help me my brawe browser rewards got reset, and not showing in it.

Hi, @Shobhitvedi, you need to provide more details please.

Are you a Creator/ Publisher?
What is your OS? Your Brave browser version?
Do you have a verified wallet?
You can post screenshots (DON’T post a screenshot of your Wallet ID, please).

Yes I am a creator.
I have Android 10 and version is before 1 April version.
No I don’t have a verified wallet.

Thank you, @Shobhitvedi. I think you could be affected by a known issue, BAT not porting to Uphold. Support is working on a fix and you can follow their thread for any updates.

You may also contact Support after reading and following these instructions, in case it is something else affecting you.

Some accounts are still being processed, too.

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