Haven't received my payout yet

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as you can see last deposit date was in december and because i have more than 5 bat i should have received it in my uphold wallet in this month but it didn’t happen.

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thank you i didn’t know that.

Ure welcome … have a good day sir.

Same thing for 17 days now, I wonder if brave even looks at these comments or if they get sent to an underground bunker that plays a laugh track in a sound proof room every time a message comes in.


If we went through the trouble of building the bunker underground I’m not sure it would be necessary to sound proof the room? :thinking:

The first comment by @Viamel is a response, from us 3 days ago, updating everyone on where we are at with respect to this issue. While do apologize for the long wait time, we hope you (and others with similar perspectives) can understand that the reason the issue isn’t resolved yet is because it is extremely complex and involved, not because we “don’t care” as that notion simply doesn’t hold.


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