Is Brave now in partnership with Google?

I updated Brave to find that it is now using technologies in the Chrome browser, as well as using Google’s extension store. Google is known to not have the best reputation in the field of privacy.

Hi @Yusamac205,
Nothing to worried about. In short, there’s no “partnership” with Google. :slightly_smiling_face:

Brave use the open-source engine, Chromium, the same engine that used to build Chrome, Opera, etc. The previous Brave also based on Chromium but used Muon (electron fork for the UI) and now, the new Brave is “full Chromium”.

The team also make sure and removed any codes that can phones home to Google.


And for extensions, yes, current extension support is available via CWS. Brave own store is in the plan.

Hope that can make it clear for you.

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