Brave's drag-and-dropped webloc files fail to load from folder

On the Mac version, when you “Drag and Drop” the URL off the location bar to the Desktop, you get a “.webloc” file. Works fine.

Drag same webloc onto’s icon → launches Brave, opens that specific webloc.

Drag folder containing that webloc on open tab bar → Generated webpage of contents with links (all fine). But if you click on the webloc files, you get the raw XML that is their contents. Not a connection to where they link to

Also: Add folder to my bookmark bar, open from bookmark bar, same “raw XML” instead of “Go to link”.

Exact pattern:

  1. Go to
  2. drag to Desktop. → Results “Brave Community.webloc”
  3. drag Brave…webloc to → opens fine.
  4. New Folder “TEST”, add webloc to folder.
  5. “TEST” to “” → no response. Fine.
  6. “TEST” to tab bar of open Brave → new tab " Index of …Test/" Fine.
  7. On that page is “Brave…webloc” … and it opens as raw XML
  8. Same results if one saves the “Index” to the Bookmark bar.

Expected results: Open the darn webloc. Or. If you prefer something else, save to that format when drag-and-dropping.

Using, Mac OS 10.15.02
(Drag and dropping from ‘About Brave’ to here didn’t bring down the build number either. 106.0.5249.103 (Official) (x86-64)