After Mac OS 13.1 update, webloc file only open in Safari

After updating to Mac OS 13.1, webloc files always open with Safari, not with the default browser as they used to. So if I drag an address from Brave to the desktop to create a webloc and double click that icon, it will always open in Safari (you can right click and choose Brave, but you cannot make that the default for webloc files any more).

If this is not a bug and Apple intends to keep things this way, could Brave change so that dragging an address to the desktop creates a different extension file, perhaps .web, which opens by default with Brave? The content could be the same as the webloc file and treated the same once Brave opens it. This would be a workaround to allow web shortcuts to open in Brave.


I’m seeing this too. Very annoying. I thought I could do a Get Info on the file and change the default application there, but Safari is grayed out and it won’t let me change it to any other application even though I have read/write access to the file.

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Yes, I noticed that as well. I tried changing the file extension to something else, changing the default application to Brave, then changing it back to webloc, and while that put Brave first in the right click menu, it left Safari as the default to open the webloc on double click.

I did throw together a quick web page to convert a webloc file into an html file that will load the url from the webloc immediately. It can do batches of webloc files as well. You can find it at

I just hope Apple fixes this or that someone can find a workaround.

This bug appears to be fixed in Mac OS 13.2 so that double clicking a webloc file again opens the website in the default web browser.

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