Brave YouTube nVidia GPU slow

Using Brave and watching YouTube with an nVidia GTX 1650 with latest GeForce drivers installed results in the video (on only YouTube) to be very slows when transitioning between non-full screen and full screen. Also scrolling the page up and down causes a stutter.

Previously that was not observed on websites where a YouTube video was embedded and the full-screen transition was instantaneous as opposed to being stuck in limbo for good 1-2 seconds. This occurs in other Chromium-based browsers, including Chrome and Edge.

It does not occur in Firefox, but I don’t use Firefox so I’m asking here. Anyone else who has an nVidia GPU and the latest drivers having issues with Brave and YouTube or am I just cursed?

I have access 2 Nvidia GPU’s, a 1660Ti and 2080S. Playback is fine here. (if resources are slim, test youtube in 720p/1080p mode rather than 1440p/4k)

I would try in private mode, also check task manager see if your GPU is being used

Even playing video in 144p is the same. This is not an issue with performance. This a problem with nVidia driver and Chrome browsers.

Why is this not a problem when I use Internet Explorer or Firefox? I can play Death Stranding maxed out on my PC so performance is not a problem, it’s bad optimization.

Also you’re missing the point, my problem is not playback, but transitioning to full screen and scrolling the page.

I just want to know if other people with nVidia GPU have this.

Here is an old video I made months ago depicting this issue: