Brave/You Tube Bug

Thanks for Brave. It is wonderful to use the web without ads and trackers. And it’s free!

When using You Tube in Brave, I don’t seem to have the option of clicking “Not Interested” on a video, which dismisses that video and refines my search results. I have that option in Chrome and Yandex.

I don’t know if this matters, but when I go to You Tube in Brave, I don’t seem to be signed in. When I click on the “Library” icon, it tells me that. When I click on “Library” in Chrome or Yandex there seems to be some data stored so I guess I am signed in?

Why don’t I just try signing in on You Tube on Brave? I’m not sure that’s the variable, and I feel that You Tube is spying on us. I like the thought of watching it more anonymously. In fact, I was wondering about removing the You Tube app from my device and watching it without that. If anyone who reads this happens to have any thoughts on this kind of thing, feel free.

Steps to reproduce:

Go to You Tube, click on three dots on a video. Two options come up, instead of three like Chrome and Yandex. The “Not Interested” option isn’t there on Brave.
If that doesn’t work, try when not signed in.

This happens every time.

Android Version 8.1.0

Samsung Experience 9.5

Brave Version 1.0.89

You Tube Version 14.20.54
But not sure if I’m watching it on the app or not?

Expected Result: I’d like to be able to click “Not Interested” on a You Tube video on Brave.

Any other info/features on how to refine my feed on You Tube is welcome. I’d like to remove certain posters from my feed/search results, for instance.

Any info on protecting your privacy from You Tube or watching without the app or an account is welcome.

One screenshot shows Brave, the other should show Chrome or Yandex

I think you need to sign-in in order to see the options. So it’s not an issue with Brave.

  • Logged out > only 2 options
  • Logged in > 3 options

It’s same behavior with Chrome (see screenshot). Your second screenshot (the one with 3 options) also show that you signed in.

Thanks. I think you’re right. I tried signing out on Chrome and I had only 2 options. So it’s not Brave.

If anyone happens to know the answers to my other questions, let me know. Conversations I’ve had near my phone seem to influence my You Tube feed. You Tube wasn’t even active during the conversations.

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