Can't sign in to You Tube

Brave Browser will not let me sign in to my You Tube account on my laptop computer. I’ve tried clearing my cache, cookies, history, basically everything from the beginning of time and it still keeps taking me to an error page saying “oops”. I logged in just fine on the laptop from Google Chrome so the problem is obviously with Brave. But what I don’t understand is I’m logged in to You Tube with Brave Browser on my desktop just fine. So I don’t get this problem. I saw another community member post about the same issue but that thread is closed and no one really helped him resolve this issue.

It’s just a cookie/cache issue. Close related tabs, then clearing cookies for YT and Google. Then open YT and re-login, and it should work.

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What is YT? I have cleared my cache and my history and my cookies in brave browser over and over again as I’ve already stated and it doesn’t work.

Just shortened. YT = YouTube :slight_smile:

does it work if you use a private window? if it does you could add a new profile to use… the actual issue, no clue though, sorry…

Alternately trying trying in Brave Beta build. newer code, and newer profile.

Well so far no one is being any help. As I have said I have cleared all of my cache and cookies and history of all my web browsing since the beginning of time and that has done nothing. I can sign in just fine under Google chrome but I don’t want to look at the web with chrome. That’s the whole reason I put brave on my computer.

Well for some odd reason, when I booted up the laptop computer this morning, it had me signed in. I signed out and signed in with another username and it allowed it as well. Maybe someone from brave saw my post here and fixed the issue. I can’t explain it any other way. Just hope it stays fixed.

Probably a cookie issue, but good to see it working. Thanks for the report!

I don’t know how it was a cookie issue because as I keep saying I deleted my cookies constantly along with my history and cache.

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