Brave Mobile for Android not passing to appropriate app handlers

Hi there,

I’m noticing Brave continues to open links to Youtube in-browser when I have the Youtube application installed on my phone. I’ve searched through the settings to see if that was a privacy setting and found nothing.

This could be a bug, this could be a privacy “feature”, depending on how you view it, but either way, I’d like to be the one making the decision on how to open links when applications exist specifically to handle those links.

Thank you! I’m loving Brave so far, and it has become my default browser on my Windows PC, Android phone (Pixel 2 running Android 10), and iPad. Great job!

Can you try disable “Video playback in Brave” under Brave’s Settings > Site settings > Media?


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I’ve tried with that setting on and off, closed and reopened the app after doing so, then tried going to (both desktop and mobile versions) without success in getting it to load the YouTube app on my phone (Pixel 2 running Android 10).

If there is any specific way you’d like me to confirm, let me know. I’m not super techy, but can usually follow good directions for testing purposes.

Thank you!

Gah. Well, I’m an idiot. I couldn’t get this to work through the YouTube website, but apparently I can force it to act appropriately for embedded videos that aren’t on the YouTube website (I tried khan academy this time and Brave worked as expected/desired). I didn’t realize YouTube treated videos on the YouTube website and embedded videos differently.

Sorry for the trouble. With that setting disabled (thanks for pointing that out, I had [wrongly] assumed Site Settings were site-specific), Brave is back to working flawlessly.

Seriously… Amazing piece of work with the browser. This is the BEST implementation of chromium code I’ve ever used. I appreciate the team that put it together! If there is anything this broke college student can do to support the project, count me in.

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