Brave working on Chromebook but has three issues

  1. cannot add extensions from Chrome Web Store
  2. display is tiny font
  3. opens on last page viewed instead of home page

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave): installed android version on my chromebook

Additional Information: When I go into the Chrome Web Store, it shows me as logged out from Google even though I’m logged into Google on my chromebook. When I try to log in it says “this browser is unstable” and won’t allow me to log in, so I’m unable to add extensions. The font size of all webpages is tiny, even though I clicked on “Desktop version” under Settings and even though I increased the magnifier in Settings to 200%. When I close out Brave and then reopen it, it opens on the last webpage I was on instead of opening on the home page. My sense is that these are likely because Brave wasn’t really developed for chromebook and this is pretty much how it will be for the forseeable future; can you comment please? Thanks very much! P.S. I chose the “windows” tag because it forced me to choose a tag, sorry.

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