Brave for Chromebook (Chrome OS)


So I just got a new Chromebook and I installed Brave, since it’s my favorite browser in all my other devices. However, I have noticed than on Chrome OS, the version I get from Brave is very similar to the Android version, and therefore very limited, I can’t install extensions, I don’t get an experience suited for a laptop, I don’t have the option to adjust zoom settings, I get a weird UI when going to YouTube, and many other limitations.
Meanwhile the Chrome version I have installed on my chromebook is actually very similar or identical to the desktop (Windows) version, it’s not similar to the android version as it happens on Brave.

I would really love to keep using Brave on this device, but this version just doesn’t work out for me at all in the context of a laptop.

Are there any plans to release a more optimized version of Brave for Chrome OS that is more similar to the desktop (Windows) version?

Thank you for reaching out.
I am not clear on plans to further optimize the Chromebook “version” as that version is the same as the one on the Playstore, so you essentially are using the mobile version on your Chromebook.

While its a bit much, an alternative solution is to enable Linux on your Chromebook, which should allow you to install the actual desktop version of the browser (since doing this allows you to access/use apps outside of the ChromeOS ecosystem). Is a link on how to install Brave Desktop on a Chromebook. :nerd_face:

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