Will brave ever work on my chromebook?

it wont even show my homepage- even when i copy and paste the address

hello @Anonb, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Are you getting any particular error message? Could you please share a screenshot so we can further investigate this issue. Thanks in advance.

no error message it just shows the Wix advert at the top, and some text that is below the page. dont want to paste the address to the world!
thanks and good luck

Does anyone else have ideas? i use brave on my android tablet. but on the chromebook it does not work correctly
thanks everyone

@Anonb Guess let me get some information so we can have a good starting place.

First of all thank you very much for helping.
yes chromebook uses chrome.
version - dont know where to find the version, but it is this year i think.
i was able to see the other site. just not any of mine.
used it for ages on my android tablet- not so happy on the chromebook.
i downloaded it from the playstore.
dont know where shield contols are!

brave version- still looking for shields.
brave version

There’s two places. You have site specific Shields Settings which can be seen from the Shields icon on your address bar. It’s the lion symbol. Clicking it will show something like below:

Any changes you make there are, as I kind of hinted at, only active on that particular site you’re visiting.

If you want to see global settings that affect all sites, you’d go to SettingsShields and can change various things there.

Okay, so becomes more of a mystery if it’s an issue with your site if other things are loading fine. But also know you’re saying your site loads well on other devices, right?

Two major things will have you do is to try to turn off Shields on the site and see if it loads. If that solves it, then know it’s a setting that needs adjusted.

If Shields isn’t issue, then maybe clear cookies/cache for all time. SettingsPrivacy and securityclear browsing dataall timeclear data.

Then possibly from your Android SettingsAppsBraveClear Cache

Also, you may just need to share the site address for people to look and try to help figure out if can be replicated and how to help resolve.

my sites work on all browsers- except brave on a chromebook

this is all i see on brave. opened the page as a test
shields not mentioned anywhere in settings


cleared cookies- no help
will ask wix.

I got a similar site working from an old site.
it no longer allows NEW weblinks. ( the old ones work fine)
can i in brave add a website link to this page in brave?

@Mattches @fanboynz would either of you have any ideas? I know OP was saying they didn’t want to share the link to their site openly, but not sure if they’ll be comfortable sharing to you guys in DM. Curious about if can replicate issue and if possible to figure out why it wouldn’t be loading?

If you are willing to share the link to your site I’d be happy to take a look. I will send you a DM.

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ok please send a dm

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