Brave Browser on Chromebook

Brave version 1.5.1 (Latest as of Nov 16th)

Hi, I’ve just installed Brave on my chromebook running the latest OS and am having trouble navigating it.

I sync’ed it up to my chain from the PC but it didn’t import any preferences or anything.

I also can’t display my bookmark bar…which is pretty important

The ‘new tab’ page is black and doesn’t display a background image - and I can’t find a cog like on my PC to toggle the appearance.

The browser says chrome extensions are ‘unsupported’ and this sucks that I can’t add my password manager

Also like half the settings shown on the Brave Browser on PC are missing from the chromebook version…

Is this still in beta? It’s sort of too annoying to be using Brave on PC but Chrome on my chromebook (for university)…it just seems so unfinished

Thanks in advance

If you install Brave on Chromebook (from Play Store), you install Brave for Android version. So yes, many things is different with the “desktop” version.

Brave Sync only sync your bookmarks, for now.

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