Why i cant withdraw my BAT

hello can any admin help me please i have 36 bat but i cant withdrw i dont know why.pls check this screen shot

my uphold account is verified and link to my wallet

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The withdrawl will happen automatically to your Uphold account if it is connected and verified.

Porting (payment) begins on Feb 8 and could take up to a week to hit your Uphold account.

Now if the “The payout report is currently generating …” disappears and nothing was received in your Uphold account, come back here to ask for help.

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Thanks for your help
So why the balance not showen in my wallet i only can see my funds whn i log in to the brave publishers !

The screen shot you posted is your Brave Publishers account balance showing 36.44 BAT. If all goes well that balance (from Brave Publishers) will be transferred to your Uphold Wallet staring on Feb 8.

So you won’t see it in your Uphold Wallet until about Feb 12 give or take a few days.

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