Disabling crypto and brave ads

How to disable all the crypto stuff and brave ads? Is disabling them on the start page enough?

@maddad If you’re just speaking of the ads, then I want to remind you that they are how you earn BAT, assuming you’d like to participate in Rewards.

To turn them off, you can go to Brave Rewards, brave://rewards and you’ll see the options as below:


As you see, there’s toggles to disable notification ads and New Tab Page ads.

If you haven’t enabled Brave Rewards, then I don’t think you should be seeing the Notification Ads, but you may still need to disable NTP ads. The alternative way for those who haven’t enabled Rewards is to go to Customize on your New Tab Page and then to disable Show Sponsored Images., which is on the bottom of the Background Image section of Customize


Wallet comes with Brave by default. It shouldn’t do anything though unless you click and activate it. Not sure what else you are referencing on “all the crypto stuff.”

No I don’t want any crypto or ads, I just want to use the clean web browser.
I do not want to participate in BAT or any other intrusions on my privacy period.

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