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Good afternoon, on Monday I access my brave wallet and I noticed that I have zero account.

What ?
You’ve gotta be more specific. Brave wallet is something different than brave rewards

If you mean you get a notification saying start using brave rrewards when you try to go to rewards settings, let me know.

I’m using brave since August…and Monday that’s what I had in my account

Umm. Have you claimed BATs before? If not then, the current earnings go to 0 or something each month and the remaining are given to you for claiming in the Browser.

Yes I have.
I receive BAT since August

You need to give more details. You are very vague in your answers.
You have also shown only a small part of the screenshot, hiding important info.

Is your browser verified with Uphold or Gemini?
How have you received rewards the months before? Were they transferred to Uphold/Gemini? Or have you used the Claim button?
What do you see when you click on the Ads history? When was the last time you got an Ad?
How many BAT have your received so far?
Do you see the message “Congrats! Your October rewards have arrived.” ?

Without this info it is difficult to give answers. But, if you have not got anything this month and zero ads, it is very likely that your profile has been flagged for suspicious activity.

You can open a support ticket using the link below and let the support team have a look at your wallet.

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