Brave VPN changed a setting on Windows 11, now I can no longer open any file

When I opened my system today, Brave showed a message indicating that it changed a setting to protect my privacy. I don’t remember exactly what it said. After which File Explorer, Excel and Word stopped being able to successfully open any file. When I open a folder with File Explorer the path bar at the top takes forever acting like it’s doing something as shown by the green status bar, but it never finishes. Also, as soon as I try to access a file and open it either from File Explorer, Excel or Word, Excel and Word hang and say “[Program Name] not responding” and I have to use Task Manager to stop the program.

Brave VPN didn’t ask me if I wanted the setting changed, it just did so and broke my system, and I have work I need to get done. So, would somebody please tell me how to fix this? I believe in what Brave is doing with trying to keep my data private, but I don’t want it to make my system non-functional.

I tried to create a request for support, but the system won’t let me submit the request form because I don’t have a Premium Account Invoices number since I used my iPhone for the subscription. So, I only have the Order ID and Document No. from Apple.