Brave browser is totally broken on my windows 11

Brave brower doesn’t block ads, trackers, cookies anything, doesn’t show me ads and give rewards.

I can’t even access your website on my PC’s brave browser it always shows “Cannot reach this page”, doesn’t matter what brower i try to use i.e. Edge, Firefox or Brave, I can’t acces your site. But on same internet connection everything works fine on brave android app.
Could it be that somehow my Mac address is being blocked or something.

I tried to update to latest version also uninstalled and reinstalled a fresh version but still issues remains the same
It started to happen about a month ago

I’m using Windows 11 Hp pavilion 14


Lets start with this:

  1. Check your Brave settings against my settings in the the following PDF document.

If not working;
2. Check your firewall if Brave is not allowed to connect to web.
3. Temporary use a VPN to connect



  1. Sorry the settings pdf link you shared has expired

  2. Firewall settings are fine, brave is allowed to access the web. As i mentioned only brave website is inaccessible through any browser.

  3. When i used vpn on Edge i was able to access brave website, I don’t get it, why? Is my IP blocked?

Thanks for the reply

I repost the new link for the Brave settings . This file could be useful for other Brave users. I hope the link will be ok this time.

Check the settings one by one, then we will see the VPN problem.

So i checked and changed/matched my settings provided in the pdf, but nothing changed :smiling_face_with_tear:

Do you use Windows 11 Lite?
Did you use VPN just before the problem began? If yes, you’ll have to send a DM to a moderator.
Is your region still supported?
Do you see the sponsored image in the default page?
Which extensions do you use? Try to disable all of them.

Good Luck!

Im using standard Windows 11
No i was using VPN before and everything was fine until i noticed that its not
I use Touch VPN extension, and disabled all extensions but nothing


I give up!

Send a Direct Message (DM) to the moderators steeven or Mattches
to check with them if, for some reason, your account is flagged.

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