Brave visa card & more

What would be really awesome is if Brave was able to partner up with for example Monolith, allowing users to receive either a regular Monolith card or a Brave styled card.

Brave would then not have to verify those users via uphold, as anyone who has a Monolith account has already passed KYC. Furthermore, users would be able to spend their BAT everywhere visa is accepted, how neat would that be! It would be such a revolution and tbh probably the ultimate endpoint for a system such as this. How could it possibly be any better for the user?

Even better, Monolith has a Non-custodial smart contract wallet that enables whitelisting and spend limits. No third party risk, which would make it regulatory a lot easier than almost anything else. Brave could incorporate some of these features and save a lot of development time. Instead of Both Monolith and Brave sitting in their two separate corners doing the same puzzles. Which is exactly what is happening right now.

Maybe there is a reason as to why such a partnership is not feasible. I can’t see it, however, as with Monolith anyone could theoretically interact with its contract wallets.

I would say its 100% certain Monolith would be thrilled for all the new signups this would bring.

Brave as well, not only does it allow for users to spend BAT fast and conveniently, but it drastically increases the overall value proposition of the Brave browser and It will become a lot more appealing and useful to many. Even better this would naturally burn a lot of BAT as a fee on each card top-up is auto-sent to the contract wallet of Monolith.

Clear benefits for Brave
Clear benefits for users
Clear benefits for Monolith

I rest my case.