Add crypto as payment method (XMR|LTC|BTC|BAT)

Hey everyone,
I’ve decided to support Brave search with 3$ a month for basically nothing.
My problem is that you can only pay with a credit card. I know a lot of people that do not own a credit card but this is not the main point. My main point is that a credit card is not private at all and can be traced back to your name with ease. Implementing a private way of paying should be a must have for Brave in my opinion. Crypto currencies are the way to go and should be available as a payment method. I would recommend Monero (XMR) as the best method of paying in a private way. Alternatively for those who can’t get XMR cause of some countries regulations, LTC for low fees and BTC for the OG’s would work great. BAT as well of course. Because at this point you connect your credit card with your online searches. I really doubt that Brave is doing anything malicious with this but it still feels wrong. What payment method would you use if you could choose any and which crypto currency would you use if any?