Brave Video Chat Screensharing Issues

I tried the most recent version of Brave video chat on a Mac with the most current OS and when I tried the screensharing feature I ran into some issues. For where you can click on a browser tab when I clicked on the tab it would boot me and the other person out of the video chat and produced some kind of error icon. When I tried the sharing entire screen feature it wouldn’t let me and the other person unmute ourselves unless there was no audio playing from a video.

Thank you for reaching out to us.
Would it be possible for you to share a short recording of the behavior as you see it on your end so that we can get a clear picture of the behavior?

Thank you

Hi yes, here is a video I screen recorded of the issue happening:

Can you please tell me what version of macOS and Brave browser you’re using at this time?

Yes, Sonoma 14.1 and Brave 1.60.110

Can you please tell me if you get the same behavior using another browser or using another screen sharing service, such as

i’ve just also used zoom and when i do zoom i don’t have these same issues

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