Brave disappears from Browsers and never makes it to my Uphold Wallet

I used to recieve Brave in my Uphold account from my different devices every month until about Sept 2020. Since then it just disappears from my browser and never makes it into my uphold wallet.

I am currently running Windows 10 on a number of Devices and Android 10 on my others all with the latest version of Brave V1.21.77

I contacted Uphold and everything looks fine form their end and referred me to here.

Kind Regards.

It sounds like you have gone over the lifetime limit of 4 instances of Brave that you can link to Uphold

Oh, I didn’t know about that. Is there a way to fix it?

Disconnect them from Uphold would be a good start. Maybe wait until Gemini is available as an alternative (should happen in the next few months).

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