My website is not verified on creator brave

Hi, I have verify website using dns records. But when I visit my website, it doesn’t show as a verified creators. What may be the solutions ?

Please give upto 24 hours for it to become verified. If it’s been more than that, could you confirm if you’re from a region listed at

Do we really have to be from a region listed to get out websites verified ? I thought it only forbid us to withdraw BAT to uphold account.

@prophethax Yes. It used to be there was vBAT earnings and you just couldn’t access outside of Brave unless you were verified. But this has changed and you MUST be connected to a custodial partner, such as Uphold, in order to earn BAT. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Creator or a User.

This was announced in the link SmartAadi shared but also prior to that, the Creators changes was shared at [Action required] Changes to being a verified creator: connect a custodial account AND they also had sent emails to everyone warning of the change.

i need help, ive verifyed my website and my twitter account like 3 days ago, and it doesnt show up the verify status on any of them. I use uphold, from mexico.

Hi @Crypztore it can take several days to update. Can you share a link to your twitter? Can take a closer look.

@steeven looks like they had link shown on their screenshot. It’s and not showing as verified for me either.

Thanks @Saoiray. I’ve made a note to check again in 2 days. Sometimes it can take that long to update.

still not verified either of the two

Taking a look @Crypztore

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