Brave Creator sync with UpHold

When I try to connect my Brave creator account with UpHold for BAT payments I get this message:

“Unable to establish a Uphold connection. It seems that your Uphold account is already connected to another Brave Creators account. Your Uphold account can only be connected to one Brave Creators account at a time.”

I don’t have another creator account that I know of though, and don’t know how to verify this.

Thanks for your help

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Your best option is to open a support ticket using the link below, to get help from Brave Support.

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It’s highly unlikely that the same Uphold account could be logged in to a Creators account that you don’t know of. Could you try logging in to creators account with any other email IDs you might have ?
Also, @steeven please have a look into this. Thanks.

Connect me to the Creators account with other email ids? Can I log in with multiple addresses?

I am not sure I understand.

Hi @CryptoBubulle

Following up on this thread if your issue was resolved?
If you did submit a ticket through the link that was shared by @rodrige, could you kindly share your ticket number and I can take a closer look at your issue.


How long does it typically take to get verified. Says 24-48 hours and its been 2 weeks now for me.

I suggest you to open your own topic. Your comment is unrelated to the issue described in this topic.

Is it for your Uphold account or are you getting errors when trying to link Uphold / Gemini ?
Also as @rodrige mentioned, it will be better for you to make your own topic since yours seems unrelated to the current one

thank you, will do that

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