Brave unusable on Linux since recent update (broken UI and user inputs)

Brave has recently become unusable for me for these reasons (and also: certain "composed characters are impossible to produce using just the keyboard, i.e. â).

Has anyone else run into these symptoms?

Not I, but it sounds like maybe you’re using it in a non-en_US language?

What distro, what language, what version?

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Oups I forgot to add the link I had prepared for the original post. Done.
As for the rest of your questions:

  • PopOS
  • French
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Sorry, not sure. I took a look thru Chromium issues and nothing jumped out at me as an obvious cause, although this one smells a little funny.

There’s still a good chance it’s an issue in upstream Chromium – and hopefully one that’s already been fixed in that codebase.

Quick way to check might be to try a Nightly copy of Brave, assuming the Chromium version is significantly later than what’s in 1.43.89.

At least then we’ll know if it’s a Chromium problem or a Brave problem, making next steps much easier.

(For that matter, it might be useful to also try ‘actual’ Chromium and/or Chrome on the same OS/language combo and see if the issue occurs there as well.)

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Thanks Jim for the quick reply. Tried 1.45.28 and it works just fine. I guess I updated my distro at the wrong time…

Please relieve me from a doubt: is it possible that the culprit is actually not in a different version but in my current profile / config ?

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