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Description of the issue: when I use Brave browsing internet (with all fields enabled) on Android phone, I see though Duckduckgo app tracking protection that Brave allow Google and Facebook to track users data. I don’t have Facebook installed on my phone, neither Instagram (only WhatsApp) and I disabled manually Meta services pre installed. Please take a look to the attached screenshot.

Steps to Reproduce: happens normally also doing simple search and also browsing sites (with all fields enabled)

Operating System and Brave Version: Android 13 on Xiaomi 13T, Brave version Brave 1.61.109, Chromium 120.0.6099.144

We block all the tracking data of Google/Facebook and others. But the moment a user logs into these services they can track you (server side tracking), not much we can do here. Not sure exactly what the image is showing above

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@tester3 Keep in mind that this doesn’t show what you think it does. Also would have to walk through to find out what you’re doing on your device, what Shields settings you have, etc.

Some of the ways that things can appear different is that Brave will use what’s referred to as ephemeral storage. This will create temporary space for cookies on websites as you use them, but it blocks them off so they can’t track you across websites. They also get deleted when you end your browsing session. Exterior apps like what you’re using there would be too dumb to recognize that and just would see that the websites you’re trying to visit have content that might track or report, such as to Facebook.

If you’re not familiar with ephemeral storage, I suggest you check out an article on it at

Do you go to those websites? Or use anything owned by them? Just because you don’t have Facebook installed on your phone doesn’t mean you aren’t going to Facebook from your web browser.

I’m curious what you’re visiting. Things like saying your name is being shared would be a stretch. This would mean accounts are signed in and the site you’re using is sharing or has collected. I’d really like more details.

That aside, much of the other information there is normal. Brave will always disclose what OS you’re using, primary language, and other things which all play a major role in content being delivered to you. Some things, like screen size and all, are actually randomized.

So as much as they give information, it’s not always “correct” info. And it’s never going to be as specific of information as that claims, such as your name or email.

Hi everyone, thank you for the answers.
I will try to explain what I’m doing.

I’m using DucksuckGo Trackin app protection, which set a “VPN” (it’s a fake local VPN) in order to monitor apps traffic With Brave I just did a simple search on internet.
I was not using (actively) any other apps in background, moreover the only Meta app I have installed is WhatsApp (I deactivated all Meta services (as you can see in the new screenshot).
I don’t have and I don’t use Facebook nor Instagram or other Meta apps installed (except WhatsApp), I don’t save my login information on Brave (so no automatic login can occurs) and I delete all browsing data each time I close Brave.

Concerning the Brave shields, I set up all the possible shields, if there’s a way to export my settings please tell me and I will attach them.

Said this, DuckduckGo app tracking protection detected different attempts of collect user information for Google (I think this could be acceptable since I have an Android phone), what I don’t like is why user information are collected for Facebook.

Seems there’s some “Brave service” or something similar that do this?
Thank you

Brave is just a browser, we can’t stop tracking from other apps installed on your phone. We can stop tracking within Brave itself, so if you browse twitter, facebook etc in the browser you’re much safer than using the app itself.

I kindly ask you to try duckduckgo app tracking protection to see if you get the same alert.
I asked to do this to some friends of mine on a Samsung S22 and a Samsung A52 phones and they got the same alert.

thank you, if you read what I wrote the alert is related to Brave app, not on other apps.
I have also different alert related to other apps.
Please don’t answer with standard quotes.

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