Please Explain Brave Download on Google/Chrome Tablet?

I hope someone can help to better understand all the issues with privacy and using Brave and Duckduckgo instead of Google. I am not anyone special, other than a consumer who believes stronger in the right of privacy (or regaining it). Previous laptops and desktops (Pre Win8) I was able to download Brave and Duckduckgo from their websites, but now it seems like every tablet/desktop I get has increased restrictions of downloading, and even going so far as to “protect” me whether I want it or not. And there isn’t any way to remove it from the new tablet I just received. Granted, signing up through Google/chrome, I’m forced make yet another place where all my info is available, and then I have to download the info through THEIR PLAYSTORE.
All I’m asking at this point is, “Is there a way around this on android tablets?” And if not, the is Brave as private and secure as you say it is? Because frankly, if I"m trying to get away from the intrusiveness of Google, it seems like get the solution of the problem “from” the problem is…problematic. I’m seeing the same thing when trying to download Duckduckgo. It won’t let me do a separate download, but is giving the option to get it through thei store. So here’s the questions:
Does Google/Chrome have a relationship with these private browsers and security that I should know about? Does this mean that the whole idea of privacy and security is nothing more than a means to have us walk blindly and choose thinking we’re getting something but in reality, it’s just another avenue leading to data mining from parties wanting to benefit? Is Brave doing this as well?
Finally, I’m running RUNNING back to Win7 Pro, though I know it’s not being supported, but there’s enough info and forums out here to make it worth my while to get to simplicity available back then. I’m not looking for all the bells and whistles that’s being offered with the new and shiny. I just want a computer that will allow to go from here to there, without all surveillance. If I can’t get on a site, then I am adult to accept that and find another way to get what I"m looking for, but right now, there aren’t options. It’s either their way, your way, or go away.
I appreciate being able to share, and am looking forward to responses.

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