Is Google Accessing Brave in Background?

Hi, I am using the android app Redmorph which actively blocks all the background trackers on a overall android level. I was very surprised to see that there was use of google in background. I haven’t used Brave for more than 10 hours now, app is not running in background, history and downloads are clear, not using Google as search engine. What does this mean exactly? Why I am seeing google here even if I am not using Brave?

Did you login to any Google service? Like YouTube or Gmail?

No. I dont use google anymore. Even if I use, I make sure to clear all history, cookies etc before exit… I am quite surprised why exactly happened this? Any clue?

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cc @Mattches @sriram for assistance here

Probably for safetynet check to enable/disable rewards.

cc: @Serg @samartnik

May be this is an example that we may never come out of Google… Anyways Thanks all… its still very curious to me​:thinking::thinking:

At the moment this is the safest option for checking device integrity but we may move away from it eventually

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What exactly does “device integrity” mean?

Meaning if the device has been rooted or not.

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does rooting effect in any negative ways? im trying to get away from sprint and enable cdma/gsm on twrp

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