Brave Talk recording failed to start

Hello there,

I have tried to start recording a Brave Talk session, however, an error always appears saying: “Recording failed to start”. What is the problem, why won’t it work?

Please help as soon as possible

Hi @Markoscream, is this still an issue for you? I experienced something similar on Thursday but a fix was pushed to resolve it.

Hello dear Steven,

Unfortunately yes, this is still an issue. It still says “Recording failed to start; Recording failed, please try again”…

Can you please tell us the OS and Brave version you’re using at this time?

Thank you

Yes of course! I am using Windows 10 64-bit and the Brave version is 1.45.113

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Thank you — would it also be possible for you to share a screenshot of the error as it appears on your end?

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Thank you — hope to have more information for you soon.

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I hope you can help me as soon as possible! Brave talk definitely seems much better than Zoom, I would really like to use it… I tried using it with a friend, we were about to record a podcast with it, it didn’t work sadly…

All the best to you, can’t wait to hear the solution!

Would you mind creating a room, attempting to start the recording and then produce the error, then provide the room link you used so we can do some tests on our end?

Additionally, can you please enter a Brave Talk room, produce the issue, then download/save the logs and send them to me in a DM? You can download logs using the option shown below:

Meeting link: Марко Радојевић is inviting you to a meeting.

Join the meeting:

Here we go, I’m able to send it!

пет, 28. окт 2022. у 00:29 Mattches via Brave Community <> је написао/ла:

(Attachment meetlog-w5ztlp57_aj1s6vn57grr8jl9foqbm7wghacw_fm1-a.json is missing)

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