Brave taking a while to unload from memory

That is after the Browser has been closed, apparently normally. I noticed this when another program said it was open, so I checked using the Windows Task Manager.

It does eventually unload OK, but it takes several minutes. I tried this several times including right after a reboot, so it’s definitely a thing.

Is this normal? An effect of some option I can turn off in Settings?

Thank you…

Haven’t seen this myself, I tend to use a lot of tabs, as well as multiple profiles, simultaneously and Brave generally exits within about 5 secs for me.

Just a guess here, but is “Continue running background apps when Brave is closed” on? If so, does anything change if you turn it off?

Or, I’d be curious to see if the behavior is the same with all extensions disabled.

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That’s it.

Now for future reference, what is an example of a background app?

I think it’s these: brave://apps/ (assuming you have some sites defined as ‘apps’); it’s not clear to me if extensions can also qualify themselves as ‘apps’ and therefore also behave this way.

Some interesting discussion here:

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