Sync in Windows 10

Have a good day I just want to ask if there is an update for the sync windows 10. Because there is NO sync settings in desktop. Please guide me how. Thank you very much.

Not yet. Sync is still disabled for desktop. The team is working on the new, better sync. But no ETA for when it’s available.

You can re-enable it. But do note, you may face an issue (crash).

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Thank you very much. I hope It will work.

I Done sync… But my balance or BAT in my mobile is not appearing in my desktop. ? It is normal? thank you

Yes. Because Brave Sync is only sync your bookmarks.

So my BAT in phone is not reflected in my Desktop?

Yes. Mentioned here

Thanks… last question it is possible to make uphold account in phone or link in same uphold account? so that the BAT is merge in one uphold? Is that possible?

Not yet. Wallet verification for mobile is coming. Once this feature is implemented, you’ll be able to connect your Uphold account with your mobile Rewards wallet.

Ok. Thank you so much.

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