Mobile tabs do not sync with desktop devices

Mobile tabs do not sync with desktop devices. They only sync once when the mobile device is beeing connected to the sync chain.

Can anyone explain when sync version 2.0 is here? I have BAT being sent from my mobile device to a wallet but its going to a different wallet from the BAT that’s being earnt off my desktop. Can anyone tell me how i can access the BAT on my mobile device being sent to a different uphold wallet please?

yes but the issue is i cant sync it with the sync chain because there is no sync option on the brave browser on the laptop. The sync option is there only on the mobile device. The BAT is being sent to a wallet and its my acc but i cant see where because its not on the uphold acc connected to my laptop its almost as if the BAT is being sent off my mobile device is going to a seperate uphold wallet?