Brave sync acts weird

Description of the issue:

Brave Sync asks me for a sync passphrase that I don’t remember setting, and goes into an unresponsive state

How can this issue be reproduced?

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.32.6 (make the About page copyable!!!)

Mobile Device details
Moto G30, Android 11

Additional Information:

Can you tell me when you’re being asked to enter your Sync passphrase? The code words – which are generated and given to anyone who starts a Sync chain – should only be required when you are trying to add a device to an existing Sync chain.

After scanning the barcode to join an existing Sync Chain

Apologies but I’m still not following. If you scan the QR code from a device where you started the sync chain, you should not be asked to enter the code words as well. It should automatically sync your device to the chain – the code word vs qr code method is an either or situation, not both.

I completely understand what you are saying.

However, that’s what happened in my case :confused:
I haven’t done anything since, in case diagnosis is necessary.

Hmm, okay can you please tell me how many (and what type) of devices are currently on your Sync chain?


And I was trying to add +1 Android

Are the other two devices – Win10 and Android – already connected and working to the Sync chain?

The other 3 devices (Win10 + Android + [another] Android), seem to work well, yes.

Okay thank you. So the Android device you’re attempting to add to the chain, when you scan the QR code, are you scanning the QR code that appears on your desktop device (when you go to Settings --> Sync --> View Sync code --> View QR code)?

I used another mobile device initially, but yes - similar process.

Can you please try adding your new Android device to the chain using the QR code shown on your desktop device?

Using the desktop QR instead works.

However, there was no way to disconnect from the sync chain - I had to delete data.

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