Brave stats in android

Is there anyone out there who draws a benefit from seeing the stats at the top of the screen all the time?
I cannot see the point. I have bought in. I am using the brower. I might at some point in the future ask myself just how many nasties the browser has fended off.
But every day, I want for a cleaner, more open screen.
Please give me a way of ridding my life of them.

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This is not about benifits, they are simply displaying their product feature. Also it doesn’t matter if it remains their or removed as we use browser for search purpose not to showoff.

Also this stat is really Good for reverse engineer.

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Just is informative and interesting. No benefit beyond just seeing and sharing.

That’s coming here in the future. No ETA. But they are in the middle of a few projects to help give more control for customization. Android is actually only OS that can’t get rid of the Privacy Hub widget at this time.

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Does the browser show a breakdown of BAT rec’d by month. Need it for tax purposes. Thanks.

if you have verified your wallet then the info should be easy to get from your custodial service (gemini, uphold, bitflyer) if it’s unverified then you don’t need to worry because vbat isn’t actually bat and thus not taxable.

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I think there should be more useful stats like who is tracking you the most, from which domains, companies, countries etc. and even a dedicated page for the full stats.

It is available on iOS, in future they will bring it to android.

In brave beta and brave nightly there are more customization options.

You are able to turn off privacy stats from settings.
Give it a few weeks (2-3) and this feature will land in stable version.

Thanks. Its taxable even if off chain for UK.

do you mean off-chain bat? or vbat?

off-chain bat (like bat deposited with a custodian from rewards or tips) would be taxable in the US too.

vbat is artificial bat stored in the browser. it only becomes bat when credited to a custodial account through verification or tipping. until then it doesn’t actually have any value or cost and thus couldn’t be taxed.

Thanks. I meant vbat. I understand your point. If it can’t be monetised it has no value. However, there is a workaround to monetise it.

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