Problem With Privacy Report (Android 10 u/d 1 OCT 2020)

Privacy report settings are not working. After disabling all privacy report options the privacy report stats still appear on the tab background. Even after device restart.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go to settings
  2. Select privacy report
  3. Disable privacy report
  4. Disable privacy report notifications

Expected result:
NO privacy report stats on tab background (as on my desktop install)

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Mi A2 Lite Build/QKQ1.191002.002

Additional Information:
I have disabled all and then restarted device. Then enabled all and restarted. Then disabled all again and restarted. No change.

Stats remain even after clearing privacy reports data via app settings, and clearing the Brave app cache in device settings.

Help appreciated. :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:

I’m pretty sure it’s only disable orange box. As that’s what’s called Privacy report.

I disabled the settings and works as expected (when I click the report button) – showing the welcome text.

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Given my report the images you posted have nothing to do with the Expected Result described.

I will get some screenshots later.


This one @J0N :point_down:

See 1st screenshot. While the purple box is “different”/not related to Privacy report.

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I think I understand… Brave Stats and Privacy Report are two different things yes?

Concerning the orange box, as my settings are set to off then it should NOT be there???

So how do you turn off Brave Stats on Mobile app?

More or less, yes.

For now, the icon will still there. But if you click, you should get screenshot 2.

The upcoming change will have the ability to remove it.

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:+1: :+1: :+1:

Much obliged Eljuno.

Remove widget? I don’t use widgets so how does this work? Will it be a straight forward setting or otherwise?

That’ll be a new design @J0N . So when it’s available, just follow the steps to remove it.

:+1: Thank you for your assistance.

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So I’ve updated the Brave browser app this morning to version 1.16.76, and cannot find how to disable the Brave stats and/or privacy report stats?

Will be available with 1.17.x release. Thanks for your patience.

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