How can I see privacy report in desktop browser

When I use Brave app in mobile, i can able to find privacy report but when I check on windows Brave desktop application latest version I see only Brave stats, tried to find out privacy report but no luck. Do i miss any option to enable for privacy report?

Hi and welcome to the community. :smiley:

Sorry, I can’t help. Just curious and want to know your experience if you don’t mind. Please feel free to ignore. :smiley:

I didn’t even know this existed. I did see a survey, but I thought it was just testing the waters for opinions, not an actual available product! So, my questions,…

  1. How did you find? How do you normally access it on mobile?
  2. Exactly what type of information does this privacy report provide?
  3. Are you using the Release version of Brave or one of the pre-release versions (Beta or Nightly)?

Like I said, just curious. Hopefully someone who actually has some information will pop in and provide some answers!

how do you have your profile hiden?

@Sneakythefirst go to your profile page then preferencesinterface then check this Hide my public profile and presence features

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this the privacy report in android

i do not think it available on desktop

so i think he should make feature request

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How to create feature request?

What @justsomeone1 posted above! :smiley:

@justsomeone1 Thank-you! I should have thought of doing a search and didn’t. I think that would be an interesting report! I am shocked sometimes to see the number of ads & trackers blocked on some sites. An eye-opener. It would probably make even more of an impact to see this information consolidated in a weekly report. Although now you are allowing Brave to track your activity… hmmm… would have to think about that one! You do have the option to reset to zero, but still, opening the door even if it is just a crack!

Create a post in Brave Feature Requests/Desktop Requests. Community members can vote for the feature request. Enough votes and your request could be implemented! It has been stated in past posts that the Brave team do read the feature requests.

I’m wondering now if Brave isn’t already considering this given a recent survey surrounding both a Privacy Hub and Privacy Report. Might be something already in the works or soon to be released!

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you welcome @Chocoholic sometime i get lazy to search also :joy:

@polakrish as @Chocoholic answered

and have a nice day everyone

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