How to hide brave stats in android

after the latest update today brave on my phone is showing stats but i dont like it and want to hide so how can i hide the stats?
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Tap the “three dots” menu option on the top-right of the widget, then Remove widget (or Edit stack) to curate what appears here.

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I am also unable to remove them. Same goes for “Top Sites”. I think the “three dots” aren’t there. Or am I missing something? @Mattches

v1.38.109 & Android 11. Same is in Beta & Nightly.

My apologies — upon further review there actually does not appear to be a way to remove this. I have raised this to the Android team for consideration.

That said, can I ask why you and/or @Donkja want your privacy stats removed? Additionally, do you have your privacy stats displayed on your Desktop browser?

I want it removed because i have some top sites which i want to use but as i have now habit of clicking homepage button then clicking on the above without looking but now when i click on it,it gwt clicked on that stats and i dont like the stats view on looks good on pc but odd on android.
Thank you

I also want these removed. As to why I want them removed, why would I want them on every new tab? It’s just visual clutter that does nothing to help me to accomplish my task.


It takes quite some space along with Top sites on small screen of Android. Without them NTP looks quite fresh and clear. Also, I don’t want to see some sites that I visit regularly too :grin:.

On desktop, I have Privacy States enabled and they don’t bother. Top Sites are displayed too, don’t know why though, have bookmarked all important stuff. I will probably deal with them later.

Despite this I understand that Privacy stats is part of Brave’s core foundation.


It seems to me Brave’s appearance is becoming less customizable than it once was.

I also would like the option to hide not only the stats but the top sites. I don’t care about these and prefer a clean homepage. I’d also like to be able to switch the tabs view back to the old stacked style.


Now we have a completely unnecessary privacy stats bar in our new tab page, in the exact location where the most visited websites were yesterday. My muscle memory has already tricked me for multiple times to click on this privacy stats bar, in this the browsers asks if I want weekly updates about the privacy stats. No - I do not - and I don’t even want the privacy stats to be there, cluttering the new tab page.

This change relates to the biggest issue in Brave really: the dev teams keeps making changes to the arrangement of the UI elements without asking the user or even giving options. This happens multiple times per year, too often.


I think you can scroll up (or down?) on the privacy bar and pull your most visited sites.

I also really dislike the top sites addition to the NTP. I find it distracting and results in me often clicking on one out of habit when I’d prefer to be doing other things.

Please remove or at least make optional.

As much as I love Brave, I have to say I’m not a fan of not being able to turn stats off. I know the site works, so I really don’t need to know how many ads have been blocked, or time saved, etc., etc. It takes up a TON of screen space on my android tablet and phone.

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I’ve forwarded this information to our Android team for review. Thank you all for your feedback.


+1 for removing these stats and their clutter from NTP.

I’d ever go further: stop collection/collating this information altogether. I will never care about any of it and it’s just another thing the browser has to do that provides absolutely no benefit to me.

Where’s the stat on how many CPU cycles are wasted MOVing this data in and out of memory?


As much as I love this little browser, this kind of forced feature is a bad idea. In a world where ‘the user is king’, it really doesn’t make sense, despite whatever thinking went into it; it broke basic functionality of favorites, and now the stats bar acts like an unwanted interstitial. It takes up a lot of real estate on the main page. I think most would agree they ‘get it’ (the stats feature).

But loss of control of my browser homepage is a deal breaker.

As of right now, they can not be turned off. @Mattches has seen this issue pop up with other users, including myself, and has raised the issue with the dev team. There is no other word at this time.

Just opened an official issue for this on our Github:

Feel free to leave comments/thoughts or a +1 in the thread for the developers to review.

Thank you.

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